Preparation DFWCON: The Manuscript

The most important document you’ll bring with you beside the query letter, business cards, a positive attitude, and maybe the little extrovert hidden deep inside of you is your manuscript. If an agent happens to be interested, you'll want to ensure you have polished it up real nice. Here are some sites that’ll aid you in the [...]

Preparation DFWCON: The Query

  One of the most important aspects of attending a conference of any sort is being prepared. Yesterday we covered The Pitch. Today, we’ll cover the query letter. From what I learned thus far, it should be to the point, and to remember you are selling your manuscript. I found some sites that aid in [...]

Preparation DFWCON: The Pitch

  First, I apologize. I’ve been M.I.A. lately. I’ve been preparing my manuscript for my pitch session at the upcoming DFW Writers Conference (DFWCON). In addition, I’m practicing my pitch and writing my query letter. Today, I'd like to share with you a few sites that have help me with, THE PITCH, which could easily be mistaken [...]



It’s the last day of March and the ending to the Women Authors Spotlight series for now. My full line up was  Chimamanda Adichie, Toni Morrison, Monica Ali and I'm ending with,  what I liked to call, a throwback author. I had to include her because if you haven’t read Jane Austen, you’ve been living under a rock. Her most [...]