Let’s Try This Again: Happy New Year!

Does anyone else feel they need a reset, a redo, a restart to 2022? It has been a rough start for many people I know and myself. I had goals and new habits I was supposed to implement on January 1st, but the unexpected happened.

I have to admit I’ve been procrastinating too.

We are conditioned to plan for a fresh start at the beginning of each year ( new year resolutions, business plan).
Toward the middle of the year, we give ourselves permission to initiate a fresh start at the beginning of the month and week.

All those habits are great until we close ourselves into a box of the belief that reset can only happen at specific times.

A reset can happen in the middle of the day. One of my sayings is

Just because the moment is ruined doesn’t mean the day is.

Yes, January is coming to a close, but there is nothing wrong with your New Year’s resolution, business plan, weight loss challenge, etc., starting today instead.

5 Tips to Stick to Your goals This year!

  1. Be Specific about your plans/goals
  2. Create a visionboard and place it where you can see it everyday.
  3. Create a step by step plan and implement it.
  4. Find someone that will hold you accoutable. (It can be different people for each goal)
  5. Celebrate the small wins along the way.

So, if you’ve had a rough start this year, it doesn’t have to determine how the remainder of the year will be. First, take a deep breath because you still have time. Take another deep breath because it’s never too late to reset, restart, recharge, and try this again.

Happy New year!
Do you need to try this again?

Ebby LeBlanc

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