The Bittersweet Dream of Dr. King

  It's Martin Luther King Day. Cities around the nation will have annual parades and celebratory gestures in honor of the man, who had a specific dream. However, this M.L.K day feels quite different from the previous ones. Here's why, President Obama, our first black president gave a farewell speech last Tuesday. It was a... Continue Reading →


Dear Someone, Dear No one

Dear Someone, who cried out when Kaepernick didn't stand for the anthem but remain mute about the 13 black people unjustly  killed by police since his protest Dear No one, who believe that an armed trained individual has a right to fear for their life, but a black unarmed man, who has his hands up and... Continue Reading →


  I'm creating a post that will showcase fellow authors. Send a brief description of your work including genre with a link to either your website or social media page to to be included in the post.  Don't worry there's no catch, just one author supporting another. : ) Deadline is Sunday April 24. The deadline has been extended to... Continue Reading →

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