Dear Someone, Dear No one


Dear Someone, who cried out when Kaepernick didn’t stand for the anthem but remain mute about the 13 black people unjustly  killed by police since his protest
Dear No one, who believe that an armed trained individual has a right to fear for their life, but a black unarmed man, who has his hands up and is still being killed does not.
Dear Someone, who shouted #backtheblue, posted police shields as their profile pictures but didn’t utter a word about the black men killed unjustly that same week.
Dear No one.… your silence speaks louder than your spoken words and I hear you, they hear, we all hear. Just know this, You.are.part.of.the.problem


A scared black woman who fears for the lives of her husband, father, brothers, son and black students


11 thoughts on “Dear Someone, Dear No one

  1. There should be no quarter for anyone to abuse his/her authority. We have miles and miles to go, as a society, in learning to see our fellow humans with clear eyes. Too many people go about their duties, in hair-trigger fashion, and I see this, every day, with teachers and government bureaucrats, as well as with police officers. The only difference is that the latter pack heat.

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  2. Oh how I do wish that I had some words to reassure you Ebby. To tell you that your fear is unfounded. Except your fear is right and real, and your voice is clear and true in the expression of those fears.
    An excellent post. Thank you.

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