First, I want to say thank you!
Thank you to those who are still following. I truly appreciate you sticking around through the years of quiet. Thank you to those who are new as well.

If you know my story, you understand it has been a rough few years figuring out how to navigate life after losing a baby, the future of ebbyslane.com, and even attempting to write again. Honestly, I’d given it up for good. God wouldn’t allow that to happen.

So, I’ve been busy writing lately.

I’ve got projects in the works that I cannot wait to release. Also, I’m starting a “turn your story into a book” series. So, if you are writing your first book or need inspiration on how to write your first book, click the image below to join the community.

Meanwhile, you can follow ebby_writer on IG for inspiration and writing tips. Feel free to drop in the chat an update or hey!

I would love to hear from you.

With Love,


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