Imperfect Believer, Wife, Mama, Author, Teacher

Long story short. 
I have been MIA to writing for over a year. Early 2019, I experienced one of the most painful experiences anyone could imagine; I lost a child. I had to learn to live through this new normal, and it has been the fight of my life. Click HERE to read more.  
I started my own publishing company and published my first YA book at seventeen. I love writing Fiction and I have another manuscript in the works. 
I love blogging about crazy dreams and hard truths, especially when it comes to infertility. Oh, and I love to talk about Jesus too. 

Informal Bio 

I’ve always wanted to be a storyteller. 
Writing short stories was my thing in Elementary School. Though each story was different, they all ended the same; the protagonist, always a little girl, would die. As an adult, I cringe when I read them, thinking of how disturbed I was internally and no one ever knew.
 Like most writers, I’m an introvert. I have a constant storyline in my head about people, dreams, memories, make-belief, etc. Over the years, my career has forced me to pretend to be an extrovert. It has also forced me to come out of my shell and reveal my personality that only shows itself in safe spaces. After all, you cannot be an effective high school teacher without being authentically yourself. Fellow teachers, you understand. 
In middle and high school, my stories evolved to YA novels. The protagonist, a teenage girl, and the constant theme of death dissolved. Yet, pain consumed my teen years and I never knew it was depression.  
It didn’t help that I was bullied in school for everything from my skin color to my awkward personality. Thank you Issa Rae for making awkward black girls relevant!  
My parents separated and resided in different states. I moved around so much that I was terrible at making and keeping friends. I barely went to high school but managed to graduate and go to college. It took me ten years, but I graduated with a BA in English literature. 
I started my blog. The content stemmed along the lines of the struggles of being single and Christian, searching for purpose/identity, seeking dreams/aspirations, and trying not to become someone’s baby mama. 
Marriage and motherhood consume my thirties. We adopted (Stay tuned for our adoption story). We struggled with getting pregnant, tried IVF, experienced two miscarriages and a preterm birth. Finally, I was about to carry a baby full term. For what its worth, I have quite a story when it comes to my journey of motherhood, and I am eager to be an open book about it all. And, write more in between Fiction. 



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39 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello. I am so glad you came by my blog today. I just finished reading your piece on Black American vs. African American and it was great. I look forward to reading more of your wonderful words!


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  2. Thanks for the conversation and for following my blog, But, as to the latter, you probably don’t really want to do that. One, I’m too the right of most Conservatives; two, many of posts will come across as racist to you because I don’t like much of what I see or hear of modern Black culture and, while I strive to polite on others’ blogs, I’m fairly pitiless and blunt on my own.

    It’s, of course, up to you though. I like dissenting opinions and dislike my blog turning into an echo chamber.

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    1. LOL! Thank you for the disclaimer. I will take my chances. Now, I’m curious to read your stuff. If it becomes too much I can always unfollow. Haha! But, hey it could make for interesting debate.


      1. It might at that…if you can get past the initial response. To help with that – or to drive you off before we utterly hate each other – here’s one of my posts that touches upon my fundamental views on “race” in America: http://blog.jonolan.net/politics/dont-discuss-race/

        Conversely, however, here’s another post that might hit home with you: http://blog.jonolan.net/society/black-beauty/ Warning though, it’s filled with scantily clad women…

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  3. Hi Ms. Ebby! Thank you for following my blog. I absolutely agree with you, “the first step to becoming a writer is acknowledging you are one”. I’m still struggling “being a writer” myself.haha. You have a great blog! I’m following you now. Please continue to be a blessing to many bloggers. God bless you!

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    1. Hello! It is definitely a struggle. Even after writing two books I was still hesitant to call myself a writer. Crazy, huh? Thank you for your kind words. You have a great blog too! You’re a great writer too. I look forward to following you and connecting. God bless you!

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  4. Hey there,
    thanks for visiting my blog. I’m so glad you did cos I wouldn’t have come accross your blog, which I love btw! Looking forward to more from u 🙂

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