REBLOG: Tough Questions: Are You a Feminist?

What began as a simple question for a fellow blogger, “are you a feminist,” evolved into an amazing post that just happen to reiterate why all women should be feminist.

Everything and Nothing

Life is pretty amazing. How you ask?
I learnt the last few days I spent smart phone less that my brain,
is way more functional than I give it credit for.
Also that aside from keeping me in the dark about people’s business that’s always front and center on social media I can survive outside of the superficial world smart phones created..
Point is its good to be back..

So again I say life is amazing but this isn’t about life and all the amazeballness  it carries around.
This is about answering questions raised by her Royal
Inspirer my fave blog buddy who takes this more seriously than me.
Her name is Atim and she blogs at Atim’s Thoughts.

She nominated me for the Sisterhood Blog Award. Part of her job as nominator is to ask me 10 questions and my job is to answer them..
This nomination was…

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14 thoughts on “REBLOG: Tough Questions: Are You a Feminist?

  1. Charlypriest, I understand your argument when it comes every one being an individual and having something unique, but feminism is women having the opportunity and freedoms just as any man, if that makes sense.


  2. Well said, Ameena. When I advocate for feminism it is for women all over the world, not just my country. For my country America it means equal pay in the workplace and opportunity as men and other things and we have come along way with that but for certain countries it means much more as Ameena explained.


      • But equal compared to whom is what I don´t get. Those three things you just mentioned I hadn´t have them through most of my life, compared to other men, my guess is that other women haven´t had it compared to other women and then let alone men compard to women since we are biologically and mentally wired differently(that´s just a fact, is nothing wrong with it). So equality, for me is a word quite a lot of people throw out thinking being un equal is something bad, actually societies would collapse if everyone was equal. Each individual brings something to the table, the key word here is individual. Bunching a group of people into a group, in this case women into the group feminist, it takes away their individuality and whatever that woman can bring to the table, some can bring X things and others Y things or some both. So for me is all about the individual and that notion of equality it seems just not realistic. Knowledge? As going to school? That´s a privilege, material and resources are also a privilege that if the individual works for it he or she might or might not get it. Life ain´t fair.

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      • I do get where you are coming from. There are so many things I have compared to others, and vice versa, we can’t have it all. I get that.
        But, in Nigeria and Sudan for example, the two countries I live In, those privileges you talked about are taken from the girls. It’s a general ruling, they arent allowed to go to school, because they are girls (and that’s actually the reason given). When there’s a job opportunity, the males are given first preference regardless of intellectual abilities and if there is anymore space and the males are exhausted, then the females would be considered.

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      • Now we are talking. You do come from that part of the world wich women are basically like slaves. I thought you where from the western world, now it is completely different if you´re comming from that part of the world. That for me is not being so much a feminist, but basically a humanist.

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