REBLOG:Secrets of a Virgin Girl (1).

Da More is an incredibly talented writer/blogger, who pens short stories on her blog. This week, I wrote a blog regarding my plight with how real to be as a Christian writer. Check it out here. This writer has beautifully mastered the skill of balancing that, as I don’t think I could be this raw with it.  I’m sharing her latest piece, well, the first of a series.

Miniscule Diary

You can’t sleep. You had said your prayers about an hour ago, and made to sleep when his call came in. You like him. He likes you. You talk about a lot of things– good, safe things. Like work, and plans for the weekend because it is Friday. You tell him you have a weekend meeting too, a small family party for your brothers return from the USA after ten years. You are eager to see him, but not so eager about the party. You have not been home in almost two months, so mama is equally keen on having you around. If not, you would have bailed on her, you told him. He laughed. You blushed. And after a while, he had said good night, and you had said good bye.

Fast forward to ten minutes after and all you can think of is sex. You have never done…

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REBLOG: Tough Questions: Are You a Feminist?

What began as a simple question for a fellow blogger, “are you a feminist,” evolved into an amazing post that just happen to reiterate why all women should be feminist.

Everything and Nothing

Life is pretty amazing. How you ask?
I learnt the last few days I spent smart phone less that my brain,
is way more functional than I give it credit for.
Also that aside from keeping me in the dark about people’s business that’s always front and center on social media I can survive outside of the superficial world smart phones created..
Point is its good to be back..

So again I say life is amazing but this isn’t about life and all the amazeballness  it carries around.
This is about answering questions raised by her Royal
Inspirer my fave blog buddy who takes this more seriously than me.
Her name is Atim and she blogs at Atim’s Thoughts.

She nominated me for the Sisterhood Blog Award. Part of her job as nominator is to ask me 10 questions and my job is to answer them..
This nomination was…

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ReBlog: The Ugly Truth

Happy Tuesday! I am taking a week off from the “Loving Me Daily series” in order to prepare for a guest blogger for next week. : ) However, this week will not disappoint. Trust me! If you watched last week’s episode of “Being Mary Jane” you know it was a heavy hitter. The very last scene where Mary Jane eulogizes her friend is where it gets “real.” I truly enjoyed Rhonda’s take on “The Ugly Truth” and I had to reblog. Even if you don’t watch the show, it’s still a must read. Enjoy!

The Way I See It

Image via Being Mary Jane Facebook page Image via Being Mary Jane Facebook page

Being Mary Jane is a series that airs on BET about a popular news anchor, portrayed by Gabrielle Union, as she juggles her day to day life behind the scenes.  Mary Jane Paul is strong, successful and beautiful but has her share of problems.  She was raised in an affluent black family, yet struggles with supporting her loved ones financially and emotionally while trying to keep her sanity and hope.  Nearing 40, she’s still single and doesn’t have any children, but desperately desires a happily ever after of her own.  A fictional character that many real women can identify with.

In the latest episode Mary Jane had to plan a funeral and eulogize her best sister-friend after she committed suicide.  Lisa decided to end her life after a long battle with mental illness and depression.  She betrayed MJ with her on again-off again…

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