My Faith Walk: How To Begin Living {Your Best Life} TODAY!

How to Begin Living Your Best Life TODAY!

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There is a practice, a mindset that you can implement right now to activate your best life. The Wait is over! You don’t have to wait until something happens to enjoy your life. That’s the goal, right? Isn’t that the reason you clicked on this blog post? You want to know how to wake up each morning to the life you’ve prayed for. Wake up to the life you’ve dreamed of. Wake up to the life you don’t need a vacation from. It is a simple concept that you can start implementing right now.

So, what is it? 


Life becomes sweeter today when you live a life of gratitude.


Like many things, we tend to warp gratitude into something it is not. It is not pretending things are good when they are not. We are not promoting toxic positivity here. If you haven’t read my post, Toxic Positivity: Why We Should Stop Saying Everything Happens For a Reason. Be sure to check it out!  

Toxic Positivity: Why You should stop staying, 'everything happens for a reason.' This notion that everything has to be positive invalidates our feelings and leads us down paths of self-sabotage. stifling our ability to heal. Read now in bubble letters. A picture of a teddy bear behind the words. A small picture of a woman in the bottom corner. at the bottom.

Here is the truth….God can handle our feelings. Nothing we feel surprises God; therefore, there is no reason to fear being real with Him.

In the Devotional, “Cry Out: How to Bring Your Anxiety, Depression, and Trauma to God,” Kobe Campbell laments,

“Neuroscience tells us that when we confess what we feel, the distress we feel in our right brain (responsible for processing emotions) receives calming signals from the left side of the brain (responsible for words, language, and meaning).”

Kobe Campbell, “Cry Out: How to Bring Your Anxiety, Depression, and Trauma to God,”

There is science behind being honest with our feelings, especially with God. He already knows. When dishonest about our true feelings, we only hurt ourselves and put a wedge in our connection to God. And that’s the last thing that God wants. He is more concerned about our relationship with Him. 

I remember a season when I was waiting for God to heal us from infertility. I remember it was on my mind from the time I woke up to the time I went to bed. What could I do to get pregnant? What was I doing wrong? Before that, I had spent most of my life living in the future. I had my five-year plans mapped out every year. I spent every birthday and New Year’s eve declaring this was my last year being broke, my last year being single, and my last year (fill in the blank). Then, another birthday would pass; another year would come, and I would be utterly disappointed.

One day I had a revelation and challenged myself.

What if I stopped this cycle of worrying about the things I cannot change?

What if I focused on the blessing I already had and the prayers God had already answered?

That is when things begin to shift. I realized that the more I focused on my now, the more I was able to see the beauty in my current season. That is what I mean when I declare. “The Wait is Over.” If you missed the last “The Wait Is Over” Workshop: How to activate the Promises of God in Your Life, sign up for the Faith Lane Newsletter to be notified of the next one.  

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The Wait is over because you’ve decided to focus on the things you can change and pray and trust God for the things you cannot.

The Serenity Prayer says, “God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change: Courage to change the things I can; And wisdom to the know the difference.” 

If you are in a constant state of disappointment, it may be that you are so worried about missing your opportunity or worried that God won’t answer how you hope.

We forget that we are currently living an answered prayer.

Worry has never changed a situation. Suppose you’ve prayed about it but are still worried. Perhaps, it is you are trusting your ability over God’s ability. 

If you take a moment to reflect, there is so much to be thankful for today. I get it; if you are in a painful season, it can be challenging to see a rainbow. When I kept having miscarriages, it was difficult to see the light amid so much darkness. Your storm may be something different. However, if it is difficult to see God moving in your life, I challenge you to ask the people closest to you how they see God showing up in your life. Sometimes, an outside perspective can see things when you can’t. 

Life is happening now. It doesn’t start after ‘the waiting season’ or getting what we want. Learn to enjoy the moments in between the reflections of yesterday and the dream come trues of tomorrow.

5 Ways to Start Implementing Gratitude Today.

  1. Write a list of what God has already done: Reflecting on what God has done in your life is the perfect way to start living a life of gratitude. The Journey of Faith: Prayer and Dream Journal has a section specifically for gratitude. Remember, you are currently living an answered prayer. 
  2. Go Deeper into Prayer: There is something about asking God to show you where He is moving in your life. Also, pray for signs and wonders. Remember to write down your prayers and answers. 
  3. Ask Your Circle: Ask the people closest to you how God is moving in your life. You will be surprised how an outside perspective can see things you cannot. 
  4. Meditate on the Word of God. There are numerous scriptures about gratitude that you can reflect on. 
  5. Live in the Moment: Take a moment to breathe, slow down, activate your senses, and take in the scenery around you. Be present in your now. 

I challenge you to get into the habit each morning and write down three things you are grateful for (no matter big or small) and see that your life doesn’t shift from waiting on the life of your dreams to walking in it. Do you have a Prayer and Dream journal? Click HERE, if you don’t.

Was this helpful? Let me know in the comments! 

With Gratitude,


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