A Miracle Christmas

If you've followed my story of infertility, you know how beautiful this Christmas is for my family and friends. I cannot wait to share how we got this little miracle. Blog post coming soon. I pray God's blessing on you and your family. I pray He grants you your heart's desire this holiday season! Merry... Continue Reading →


Relationship Series: Dear Husband

For the month of February, I am sprinkling a series of relationship/ dating blogs in honor of my five year wedding anniversary. I'm beginning with one I wrote a year or two ago and decided to update. Dear Husband, I wish a camera could briefly hone in on our real-life fairytale. Not for show, but... Continue Reading →

Trial & Error: How Discovering My True Sense of Style Helped Me to Find Me

LOVING ME DAILY SERIES PRESENTS-  My Interview with Fashion Stylist, Leroya Trenis Brackins I began a series a few months back titled, “Journey to Loving me, Daily.” The original intent was a seven week self-love journey before the concept evolved into a broader series that includes interviews and personal testimonies. I met Leroya Trenis Brackins at church.... Continue Reading →

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