The Day We Finalized Our Adoption

The Day We Finalized Our Adoption

This is our little family standing outside the courtroom where we finalized the adoption of our son. It is one of the best moments of our lives.

I remember the moment I first heard about him and how my heart immediately loved him. I couldn’t wait to meet this baby that would change our world. 💙

💙My son, you are my heartbeat and I’m so thankful that God chose me to be your mommy.

As my sweet friend, Ginger calls it, “Happy Gotcha Day” ☺️💙

The Moment in the Moment

Moment is defined as an indefinitely short period of time; instant. My friend, Destiny and I are constantly encouraging each other to, “Stop and smell the roses,” in this life. A few years back we coined the phrase, “the moment in the moment”, a reminder to live each moment of your life in that very moment.


Your Moment is Now,

Ebby Lane

Journey To Loving Me, Daily: WEEK THREE: REBUILD


“When you can stand in the mirror, look deep into your own reflection and realize that the physical doesn’t define, the mental doesn’t define; nothing on earth can define. It is when you look beyond yourself, into your Creator that you will arrive at the realization….” – Sage Devin Tucker, character from the novel,  “My Name Is Sage “

I finally went to see the movie, War Room, which was amazingly life-changing by the way. If you’ve seen it, you understand my enthusiasm for this week’s challenge. Last week, we de-cluttered…literally.  This week, we will focus on our personal relationship with God. After all, He is where our opinions of ourselves should derive. Self-Esteem and self-image reverts back to knowing who we are in Christ, through Christ and with Christ. Do you realize when we question ourselves, our appearance, we are questioning God’s perfect creation? Do you really think He made a mistake when he made your hair that way, painted your skin that color, shaped your body like the perfect piece of clay that is you? I don’t think so. When we see ourselves in Christ, nobody can tell us different. Psalms 139: 14 NKJV “I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made: Marvelous are Your works, And that my soul knows very well.”

This week’s challenge: Rebuild from the inside by renewing our mind.

  1. Find a spot in your home, away from everyone else. (War Room).
  2. Make a point to wake up a few minutes earlier than everyone, especially if you have a family: pray, meditate, read your bible or if you keep a journal like me, write. (If you can only do one or two days this week, that’s perfectly fine).
  3. Do you still have those sticky notes on the mirror? You should : ) Write a letter to yourself, stating everything you like about you. Don’t like to write, make a list instead. Keep that list or letter with you, and make a point to read it during your private time.

Remember, a little goes a long way in this journey. #LovingMeDailyRenewingmymind

Loving me daily,

Ebby Lane

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I turned 30, this is what I learned in my 20’s!

I turned “the dirty 30” on Sunday! Whoop Whoop! It was undeniably a momentous occasion and not just because it was my 30th. It was momentous because it was the first birthday that I can honestly say, the wishes I’d made at my previous birthdays while blowing out the candles on the cake had come true. Many people cannot say that at 30. Truth be told, my generation is rather delayed when it comes to being independent from our parents and being pretty much an adult, but that’s for another blog. I am so thankful to God for that experience. For me, thirty marks not only an ending to the years in my twenties, but a new beginning as well. I feel real grown woman right now; something I didn’t feel in my twenties. In addition, I feel like I know myself so much more and that is an incredible feeling in itself. So, here’s my list of 30 things I’ve learned while in my twenties.




1.       It is okay not to know everything – Give yourself some time; Geesh, you’re in your twenties!


2.       Think less and live more- this is for the people like me that live in their heads and forget to live outside of their own thoughts.


3.       Piggybacking off of number two, don’t let anyone put you in a box eitherIf you are awkward, or “different” own it!


4.       Do what makes you happyThis is your life!


5.       Just because you’re not very good at it, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it/ go after itPeople aren’t great due to mere talent; most often they had to practice a lot to master their craft. Do you know how many people God used who weren’t qualified?!


6.       Don’t be afraid to make mistakesThere are a lot of things I wanted to do that I didn’t because I thought it was a slim chance I’d succeed at it. In addition, there were things I accomplished because I took risk.


7.       Learn from your mistakes


8.       You’re probably going to date someone, look back and think, “what the hell was I thinking?”


9.       You’re going to do some things you never thought you’d do and think to yourself, “why did I do that?” 


10.   True friends are not afraid to tell you about yourself.


11.   Accept people for who they are This is a big one!


12.   Be yourself even if people don’t like it


13.   Life isn’t fair A LOT of times Keeping fighting and don’t lose faith


14.   Don’t be afraid to date – Notice I said date, not sleep around. THERE IS A DIFFERENCE!!!


15.   Don’t date the potential of a person, date the person you cannot date a playa’ and expect him to miraculously turn faithful


16.    You cannot change people so don’t try!


17.   Do things for people without always expecting something in return


18.   Don’t be so hard on yourself You’re still learning yourself


19.   Its not that serious – It may feel like it while you are in it but the world is not over


20.   Don’t do it just because everyone else is doing it, do it cause you want to – this goes for going to college, marriage, babies, career. Create your own lane


21.   Don’t forget to have fun while you are trying to figure it all out – I spent way too much time being down and out because I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life


22.   Travel before the marriage and kids I wish I would have listened to this advice sooner


23.   Build long lasting friendships with the same-sex they are essential in many ways even after marriage


24.   Learn to love yourself outside of the opinion of others. Someone shouldn’t have to tell you you’re beauty for you to know it


25.   Learn to enjoy your own company


26.   Don’t wait around for a man/woman, continue to live your life


27.   There a big change your friend circle will change in two ways by end of your twenties different set of people, smaller circle


28.   Do not compare yourself to others!!!!  –Unless it is mechanism for growth. For example, I aspire to be a bestselling novelist like Toni Morrison someday.


29.   Don’t be afraid to stick up for yourself especially at your job you don’t have to be disrespectful, but it is not okay to let people run over you


30.   Don’t obsess over a timeline I’m a perfectionist and this was the biggest struggle.


There’s more that I could add. Let me know what you have learned or are still learning in your twenties!




-Ebby Lane

To Good to Be True

Today marks the beginning of a New Year and resolutions of “New year, new me.” I’m usually one of those people. However, I woke up this morning feeling anxious and emotional. It hit me, a lot of people start off the New Year with hope that it will be better than the previous year, especially if it was not a good one. I am starting this New Year off already knowing some of the great things that God is about to do. However, this overwhelming guilt began to consume me. I felt bad for having such a great year and expecting another one. How crazy is that? It sounds crazy just writing it. These last three years of my life have been going up, but I had gotten so use to things going bad that going up feels uncomfortable. I’d gotten so use to the feeling of losing that I don’t know how to accept winning. It made me think about all the people who are expecting little or not able to appreciate what they have out of fear that things are too good to be true. That is opposite of how we should be living especially as a Christian. Yes, we will have tough times, but we shouldn’t allow those tough times to hold us back from embracing the good ones. One of my closet friends and I have a motto, “Enjoy the moment in the moment.” Let us start this new year off not wasting energy on whether something is too good to be true or not. In time, all things will reveal themselves. Until then, if things are going good in your life and dreams are coming true, enjoy it. *Note to self*

Your Moment is now,

Ebby ♥