Minding My Business


I’ve been busy creating a life I don’t need a vacation from over here! I’ve discovered a way to marry my love for writing and my passion for business into one. I started a business blog on my business site, the-elcosulting.com to share everything from how I’ve created multiple streams of passive income to how I built business credit. The blog is all about helping the busy woman who is juggling numerous titles build generational wealth for her family by leveraging both business and personal credit to create multiple streams of income and live the life you don’t need a vacation from.

Let me be clear; this isn’t about reinventing the wheel. There is no need for that. This is about showing you how to monetize the unique talents and aspirations you already possess.

If you’ve found love with ebbylane.com, I appreciate your support! I have some amazing posts coming this month.

While you wait, check out the new blog HERE!

Thank you for sticking around. I can’t wait to share more here. I truly appreciate the love as I try to figure out this thing called life after loss.



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