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I attended a writer’s workshop, and it altered the way I see myself as a writer when it comes voice. Don’t you love when that happens? I had the opportunity to sit under Professor Balcarcel, who reminded writers how complicated and elusive it is to find your unique voice. What makes it complicated and elusive is there isn’t a clear, concrete definition of what voice is. So, if we cannot narrow it down to a condensed explanation, how do we learn to do it? Well, there is hope. Professor Balcarcel explained how certain aspects of voice assist us in discovering our own. First, let’s explore what voice is not.

Voice is not taking another author’s style and attempting to make it your own.

I am guilty of this. She reminded us voice has nothing to do with how you can break or butcher the rules of grammar and sentence structure. Guilty as charged. Professor Barcarcel did provide focus on the genetic makeup of voice.

First, your unique makeup is key to finding your voice.

In other words, your values, your beliefs, your goals are fingerprints to your voice. This uniqueness happens when you focus on yourself, your values, your goals, your character traits. If you are a spiritual person, there should be aspects of your writing that reflect such.

Secondly, she attempts to define voice as this, “your voice is the combinations of words and word choices you bring that no one else would think of.”

For the scholarly writers, syntax and diction are what creates voice. It means staying away from clique sentence stems and generic language we often see in writing. For example, “she stared with troubles eyes” or “he raised a brow,” or “her lips curled into a smirk.”She recommended incorporating traits in your writing which reflect what you are aspiring to. For me, that means creativity in word choice. I want to be bold when it comes to diction. If that means making a fool of myself sometimes, so be it. In addition, I aspire to add the trait of not giving a damn… not caring in my writing. I’m still working on that.

Lastly, your voice cannot be duplicated, and you must step out of your comfort zone to discover it.

You create your character’s voice the same way. You incorporate their background, their genetic makeup, their age, etc. It takes practice to find your voice and that of your characters.

To find your own voice, you have to go past imitations

Professor Balcarcel asked us to describe the night sky using the voice of a child. Here is mine.
“It is a big black thing with a whole bunch of little nightlights, and it has real big nightlight too. How come its so dark with so many nightlights?
Then, describe the night sky using the voice of an artist.
“There it is, blanketing my happiness with dark. Still, specs of it seep through, painting my life like a canvas.”

Lastly, describe the night sky using our own voice…
“It’s beautiful, comforting and opposite of what I’ve been taught. I’m supposed to be scared of it. I’m expected to pull the covers over my head and think myself safe. Yet, I stare it down with a crescent smile. The stars, they remind me that I can still myself in darkness.



So, I challenge my fellow writers to discover your voice by stepping out of your comfort zone, ridding yourself of outer influences, and mediocre redundancies. Put your true self in your writing and make it original. Make it epic.
Start now, describe the sky using your own unique voice and post your entries below. Until next time….



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Christian Writer: How Real is Too Real?

I’m often torn with how “real” to be, when it comes to writing. I’m not a cookie cutter Christian and I don’t want to pretend to be.

Christians make a huge mistake of pretending to be something we are not.

We are flawed, we make mistakes and sometimes, our actions do not match what we profess. Don’t get me wrong, I know some true Mother Teresas and Ms. Claras (War Room) out there, but they too, are flawed.

Like many, my past is not some wholesome Christian journey to freedom. So, when I write fiction, realistic fiction, I want to stay true to my reality and the reality of so many others. Yet, I struggle with knowing where to draw the line.

I’ve learned the main culprit of my struggle is worrying too much about what other people think.

My biggest pet peeve is being misunderstood and hearing incorrect perceptions of me. The thing is, as an introvert and more as writer that comes with the territory. Thankfully, my husband and a few close friends have mastered the art of not caring and remaining true to them regardless. I’m slowly learning from them.  More importantly, I’m reminding myself of the only opinion that matters. In everything I do, I strive to please God above all else.

Ralph Emerson once penned, “To be great is to be misunderstood.” You have to be you, wp-1463495330817.jpgand not worry or care too much if people get it. At the end of the day, you must know and remember Who and why you write.

Do you struggle with how real to be in your writing? Do you struggle with being misunderstood? What are some ways you handle it?

Ebby ♥



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May Author Showcase

Here are the May authors! If you’d like to be featured in June’s Author Spotlight, submit your name, genre, brief description of your book, contact info, and a copy of your cover to In addition, I have a blogger’s showcase coming up.  Send a brief description of your blog to to be featured.

Jordan Flowers: Nonfiction, Memoir  

Jordan Flowers’s upcoming memoir, Third Times a Charm tells of the struggles, hardships, and triumphs of losing 100 pounds, gaining it back and losing it again three different times! Follow Jordan’s blog &

Ann Marie Wylder: Fiction

Corporate executive Sara Decker’s world is shattered by her husband’s affair with their daughter’s nanny. From Orange County, California to Whidbey Island, Washington, experience one woman’s path to freedom and happiness. After the Affair is an exciting novella that challenges the romanticism of both marriage and infidelity. Follow Wylder on Twitter

International Author Solomon Hall: Nonfiction, Self Help

“Introduction To Your Potential”

Author Solomon Hall proffers the elements for these positive changes, with his newest work, Introduction to Your Potential: Stage 1. Within this narrative, author Hall proposes the key nucleic ideals for employing distinctly enhanced changes to your psyche. The book’s chapters are artfully called “mind states” and each covers well drawn and illuminating elements like, Creating Positive Habits, Staying Focused, and Changing Your Mind.

Brief but succinct, this edifying self-help read, was thoroughly enjoyable. I found the author’s voice to be authoritative, congenial and motivating which made it easy to stay engaged within the book. His presentation of the central components of the book, not only motivates, but shows how to activate and perpetuate your latent potential making it so that readers no longer have to imagine the possibilities now you can make them a reality. I highly recommend this catalytic work it is a definitive must for everyone’s self-help library. Lisa Brown-Gilbert, Hollywood Book Reviews (free audio download)

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THE WIZARD’S ESTATE: LET THE GAMES BEGIN: A group of college friends will soon discover, that getting everything they’ve ever wanted means losing everything they ever loved. Now they are in a battle fighting to regain their identities after they realized that it’s not a game, it’s their life… Click link for more info about the book, Follow Stewart  on Twitter @FDS_NaturallyMe


Author Mr. Peyman Adl Dousti Hagh: Non Fiction

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Preparation DFWCON: The Experience

The hardest part of attending a conference is stepping out of my introvert comfort zone and being in the midst of a crowd of strangers. Yet, there is a rush I cannot describe that accompanies doing something I’ve never done before. I plan to walk in there with my head held high, which isn’t very high since I’m a short person, but that’s beside the point…. I’m going to walk in there with confidence and soak up every ounce of the experience. Though pitching my novel to an agent is a huge opportunity, I don’t want it to be the sole focus of this event and miss the other great aspects. I’ll be learning new skills that I’ll surely blog about in the near future, I’ll be meeting many likeminded people and who knows, I may leave there with new lifelong friends. So, my advice, whatever new thing you’re doing this week, this month or this year, soak in every aspect of the moment.  provides more tips on how to make the most of your experience at the writer’s conference.


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