How To Create An Ebook in 5 Simple Steps

You desire to write a book, but you've put it off because the thought of writing a novel is daunting. Have you considered an alternative? Ebooks are a great way to get your feet wet. Now, this doesn't mean you will never write that book. I'm definitely not here to discourage that. I have some … Continue reading How To Create An Ebook in 5 Simple Steps

REBLOG: 11 Awesome Websites for Writers

Laura Mizvaria

Here I list some of my favorite online resources for fiction writing tips and inspiration! And no, nobody’s compensating me in any way to promote these.

Other writers I follow are constantly posting articles from this site, and for good reason! You don’t have to be a teen to take advantage of their extensive writers-education articles on topics like character background, getting published, how to get good inspiration, developing ideas, writing prompts, and much more! They’ve also got a great Pinterest account and a Facebook group with a fun and helpful community.

If you’ve been in the online writing community long, chances are you’ve come across Amanda Patterson’s Writers Write blog. She has many posts on everything writing related, from plotting to book promotion and author quotes to writing humor. One of the best things about her site is that in addition to her posts, she has many…

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