My 2022 Year In Review: Wins & Lessons

This year started rough. I wrote about having a “redo” of January because I wasn’t allowing it to define the rest of my year. The last two years were spent in pure survival mode. 2020 was the pandemic, and 2019 was when I lost my baby girl. This year was my coming out-of-darkness year, and I wasn’t going to allow anything to stop that.

I had some incredible things happen this year.


  1. I started singing again. I haven’t been able to sing in over ten years. I explained more about what happened in the post, Give Yourself Permission to Make Mistakes. I literally lost my voice. It’s coming back with a vengeance, though. 🎀

2. We unexpectedly moved into a brand-new home, which was completely mind-blowing and unplanned in the best way.

3. I took my husband to Mexico for his 40th birthday. It’d been a while since we traveled out of the country.

4. I hired a book coach and started writing professionally again. I’m working on something beautiful too. Stay tuned!

5. I released my first Prayer and Dream Journal in honor of my baby girl. Click below to get your copy!

6. I went to London for the first time! It was a last-minute opportunity of a lifetime to work from London. I’m still in awe.

Biggest Lessons I’ve learned in 2022

βœ”οΈPeople Love and Support You. Stop Focusing On Those Who Don’t. This was huge for me. There are people who support you, but you will miss them, focusing on the ones who never will.

βœ”οΈDon’t Assume Something Won’t Work. I wanted another house but couldn’t fathom the idea in this market. A conversation with a friend changed everything. “Have you tried?” How often do you put things off, believing they won’t work when we haven’t tried?

βœ”οΈGive Without Expectation. I’m thankful for a conversation with one of my accountability partners. It has helped me not be disappointed when someone doesn’t give me the same energy I give them. It doesn’t mean a lack of boundaries. It means posing the question, does this bring me joy? I will help this person with something, unconcerned about their response, because it brings me joy.

βœ”οΈGive Yourself Permission To Make Mistakes. This is the only reason I’m singing again, especially since my voice has changed. Also, I’ve had more success in my business this year than any other year, and it’s because I was willing to make mistakes.

βœ”οΈ I Don’t Need Permission: I don’t know if it’s a mix of society’s false notion of humility or believing the lies people have spoken over me. Yet, the last few years have awakened me to no longer downplay how amazing I am. I don’t need permission to be who God called me to be. I am powerful. My talents are incredible. I’m walking in my truth.

Expectations For 2023

  • I’m no longer keeping up with the trends, especially regarding social media. I’m creating my own lane this year.
  • I’m expecting God to answer the big prayers this year. πŸ™ŒπŸΎ
  • I’m embracing the show, don’t tell, and being quiet about my plans. I’m only exposing what’s already in the works. I will tell you this: I’ve got some amazing plans beginning with The Wait Is Over Workshop! Click Below to learn more!

Join me in believing in God for the big things this year!

Join me in dusting off old dreams and taking action to make them a reality!

Join me in manifesting the life you desire through prayer!

So, what is a lesson you’ve learned this year? Share in the comments.

Ebby πŸ’œ


7 thoughts on “My 2022 Year In Review: Wins & Lessons

  1. I learned to listen to the Holy Spirit. On April 13, it was raining outside, and I heard the Holy Spirit say pray. I immediately went into prayer for my son. My son later called me from the hospital apologizing. He was driving home and was hit by someone turning left, which knocked him into another vehicle. My vehicle was totaled, but I still had my son.

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