Give Yourself Permission to Make Mistakes

Did you know I can hold a note? I promise I’m going somewhere with this. I sang in my high school’s Acappella choir, All-City Honor Choir and competed in UIL Solo competitions. I’ve sung in church for years. I even got a voice scholarship to college. Yet, something happened about ten years ago. I lost my voice entirely and decided never to sing again. Despite this, my husband kept encouraging me to sing again. I told him I would try vocal lessons one day. Then, I had a prophetic word spoken over me about music. At first, I was like, God, can you please let them know music is no longer me? They kept pressing until I finally revealed I used to sing.

Fast forward, I started taking singing lessons. I did a vocal assessment in the first lesson, and my coach set me free with this revelation. He said, “you’ve lost your voice because you haven’t given yourself permission to make mistakes.

Once you get to a place where it’s not about whether you hit the right or wrong note, that’s when things will change.”

That was a life lesson for me. Once I allowed myself to make mistakes, it unlocked so much more in me that I didn’t know was there.

Mistakes are opportunities for us to learn and grow. If we avoid them, we risk remaining the same and stifling our growth.

That is much worse than hitting the wrong note. My voice is different now, and I’m still learning how to use it. However, I’ve fallen in love with this new sound and can’t wait to see what more practice will do. Stay tuned.

With the end of the year quickly coming. Is there something you’re avoiding because you don’t know enough about it, or fear you will look bad? I encourage you to get to a place where you’re unconcerned about whether you’re good or bad. All that matters is that you do it.

Let me know in the comments if this changed your perspective on mistakes.

with hope,


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