International Women’s Day


Recently, last year to be exact, I heard about this holiday, which is surprising because it began in 1909. Incredibly, it is celebrated all over the world!

This past Saturday, I was blessed to see a vision that I’ve had for years come to fruition. The vision was to see  women of diverse nationalities at a tea party, enjoying one another’s company. I am so thankful to be a part of a multicultural church, who believed in that vision too.

Our speaker on Saturday, Karen Harmon,, shared with us some poignant aspect of being a woman, especially a Christian woman. One of the pieces I’d like to highlight is a prayer that women will begin to see each other as sisters and not as threats, that we won’t be so quick to judge another woman who is not like us, and that we will celebrate one another in all of differences and uniqueness.

I’m thankful for all the diverse women God has allowed me to meet at my church, in the community, and on the blogosphere.

Happy International Women’s day to all the beautiful women, who are unafraid to chase their dreams, no matter how big they are, and in spite of the many times she was told, it can’t be done!

-Your moment is now,

Ebby ♥

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13 thoughts on “International Women’s Day

  1. Wonderful post, Ebby–and honestly, I’ve never understood the whole competition thing going on with women. When I was younger I was very attractive and intelligent/articulate (that last part’s still true :)), and I worked mainly clerical positions. There were always woman equally pretty or more so, and many enjoyed a higher salary than mine–it just didn’t faze me. Yet, inevitably I discovered there was at least one who felt threatened by me–they thought I either wanted their job…or worse, their men! Never was that the case. My last job was with a large company, and I gravitated to a group of African American women I really admired–(I’m Caucasian)–because they all had such inner strength and confidence. Oh, how I wanted it to rub off on me, as I was desperately lacking in that area. I think God meant for us to share the gifts we have with one another–not be insecure and petty–because that’s such a waste of energy, when we are all So Rich! God bless you.

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    • I agree! I think society encourages women to compete whether it be for jobs or attention of men and many of us fall into the trap. We all have something about us that no one can emulate and I think it should be celebrated not looked at as a threat. Can you imagine how different the world would be, if all women learned to support and build each other up, especially in the Kingdom of God. Women are more powerful than we give ourselves credit. After all, Jesus told a woman first to go tell the world He had risen. I think that’s saying something.


      • You are SO RIGHT–and I love the mention about Jesus sending Mary first to “tell the world” He’d Risen just as He said!!! I’m thinking that many of us are doing what you’ve said–building each other up–one sister at a time. My best friend is someone I met on the blogs in Summer 2011–she is a super sweet saint, yet has the same self-esteem issues that many of us share. She and I have been emailing daily since we met–and it’s been such a blessing for both of us, to share the Word and encourage each other. I often tell her about the great messages I’ve heard from my various favorite TV pastor/teachers–recently I’ve been hooked on Pastor John Gray, do you know who he is? If not, he’s on staff at Joel Osteen’s church–and has a weekly program now. God has so anointed him–a powerful singing voice, hilarious sense of humor, and oh! when he preaches, the Holy Spirit just shakes that whole church. Last night he was talking about taking rightful dominion (men, over their families). WOW, just WOW!

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      • I have heard of him. I went to a conference where he preached. He was hilarious and preached some serious truth! I bet it was great. I love that you met a best friend on here and are close now. That’s amazing! I think everyone woman can relate to self esteem issues. I still have to remind myself at times.


  2. ” A prayer that women will start to see each other as sisters not threats”

    That’s a prayer I pledge to make
    Happy women’s day sister from ‘outside countries’ ( That’s the Ugandan version of abroad 😂)
    I celebrate you

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