Neglect Not Today

I wrote this post for "The Journey Unveiled" blog in 2012. And wow, has my life changed since then! Everything I was waiting for when I wrote this has come to fruition. Yet, the post still resonates with me even today.

Neglect Not Today

by Ebby Lane

My stomach curled in knots when Destiny asked me to blog about something I’m learning in my journey. My mind went all over the place because there is just so much. Should I write about struggles I’ve endured lately, since I have received wisdom about keeping certain things sacred? Or maybe I should write about how God is pushing me to take more chances and not be driven by possible failure (failure is a state my mind). Ugg, the endless possibilities. However, all of these lessons are gradually changing my attitude toward life…

..the most weighted one is God teaching me to NOT NEGLECT TODAY

I’ll be 27 this year, I can choose to dwell on the empty ring finger that WAS NOT apart of my five year plan, the nest that is still empty, my wall that is bare of the degree I was supposed to obtain three years ago OR I can choose today.

My point is why waste today depressed over something that hasn’t happened, YET?

Also, I’m a master of the five year plan every year lol. I’m obsessed with knowing what is going to happen next and usually I’m right on, but lately, I can’t see very far into my future. I’ve been hit with so many curve balls that I’ve actually stopped trying to figure it all out, which I believe was God’s plan all along. He is teaching me to trust Him with the unknown, “So we fix our eyes not on what is seen but what is unseen” (2 Corinthians 4:18). That’s a difficult thing for me.

Nonetheless, everyone has something to be thankful for RIGHT NOW.

When I forget that, I remind myself to reflect on the prayers that God has already answered and keep in mind that six months ago, I was not where I am today. In fact, I was praying to be here, if that makes sense.

I know,

living for today is easier said than done, but it’s not about perfection here.


May we strive to unveil the beauty in between the reflections of yesterday and the dream come trues of tomorrow.


Living in the moment,

Ebby LeBlanc ♥

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15 thoughts on “Neglect Not Today

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    • Thank you! Yes! I still have to catch myself every now and then. The inner control freak wants to plan every second of everything, but God doesn’t operate like that. Thank you for reading : )


  2. Everything that you wrote, those four years ago, applies to me, this very day: The ring came and went (she’s in the Next Life now); our child came, was raised to the best of our ability and is a grown man now, living a solid, successful life, on his own; Five-Year Plans have been devised, executed and have generally panned out- my latest one is to work every day possible and recoup what has been spent in the previous five years of relentless travel and assistance to those less fortunate. At 27, I, too, was looking forward to a deep unknown. 38 years later, that unknown has transpired and is the stuff of dreams, both good and nightmarish, but I would not have missed any of it. May your dreams be realized.

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