Neglect Not Today

I wrote this post for "The Journey Unveiled" blog in 2012. It is mind-blowing how life has changed since then! Everything I was waiting for when I wrote this has come to fruition. Yet, the message still resonates with me even today. March 21, 2012 Neglect Not Today by Ebby Lane My stomach curled in knots when Destiny asked me to blog about … Continue reading Neglect Not Today

Don’t Be Limited by “Their” Perception

I gained wisdom yesterday through a wise friend. She reminded me how often we limit God, not with our perceptions, but the perceptions and opinions of others. We allow "their" lessor thinking to taint our possibilities. Ralph Emerson once said, "there is a time in every man's education when he arrives at the conviction that … Continue reading Don’t Be Limited by “Their” Perception