To Good to Be True

Today marks the beginning of a New Year and resolutions of “New year, new me.” I’m usually one of those people. However, I woke up this morning feeling anxious and emotional. It hit me, a lot of people start off the New Year with hope that it will be better than the previous year, especially if it was not a good one. I am starting this New Year off already knowing some of the great things that God is about to do. However, this overwhelming guilt began to consume me. I felt bad for having such a great year and expecting another one. How crazy is that? It sounds crazy just writing it. These last three years of my life have been going up, but I had gotten so use to things going bad that going up feels uncomfortable. I’d gotten so use to the feeling of losing that I don’t know how to accept winning. It made me think about all the people who are expecting little or not able to appreciate what they have out of fear that things are too good to be true. That is opposite of how we should be living especially as a Christian. Yes, we will have tough times, but we shouldn’t allow those tough times to hold us back from embracing the good ones. One of my closet friends and I have a motto, “Enjoy the moment in the moment.” Let us start this new year off not wasting energy on whether something is too good to be true or not. In time, all things will reveal themselves. Until then, if things are going good in your life and dreams are coming true, enjoy it. *Note to self*

Your Moment is now,

Ebby ♥

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