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a cup of sugar final feb 27

Sage Devin Tucker is a young girl searching to find herself in the midst of her chaotic life. She is surrounded by promiscuity, drug-addiction, family secrets and the pressures of teenage boys. How can she not become a victim of circumstance? This emotional tale will draw you into the world of Sage and leave you thirsting for more.

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part II book cover

Ebby LeBlanc is back with the 3rd Edition of “My Name is Sage,” the sequel to her debut novel, “A Cup of Sugar and an Ounce of Sage.” After a few drastic changes, Sage Devin Tucker must learn to cope with her new life and the haunting agonies of her past. Will she allow faith to lead, or will she drown in her overwhelming circumstances?

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 If you are reading this, chances are you have either considered writing a book, or started one and cannot seem to complete it. That is all about the change. Welcome to the first day of completing that manuscript!

I’ve been on both sides of the spectrum. I have two novels that were completed and published over ten years ago. I have one novel, I’m currently editing. In addition, I have  six novels I’ve started and have yet to complete. I did what no writer should do if they ever expect to complete their manuscript, I kept going back to the beginning and changing the entire thing! I will expound more on this in the book.  In this quick guide, I’ll fill you in on key elements I’ve learned, pitfalls to avoid, while providing a step by step guide to finishing your manuscript





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