Are you Making “You” a Priority?

Women’s Month: Are you making “YOU” a priority? 

selfcare isn't selfish written on a napkin with a pen on top of it. at the top. A candle and leaf.

March is Women’s History Month! We are celebrating how amazing we are. We are focused on self-care and intentionally creating the life we don’t need a vacation from.

Can I be transparent?

The last two weeks were a struggle for me, both mentally and physically. I literally had to step away from some obligations and rest. I also had to be honest with myself. I wasn’t taking care of me the way I needed to. Not only am I being more intentional about what that looks like, but I am also reminding myself not to feel guilty for it, either. I am also reminding myself that breaks and rest should not be something earned only after completing all my obligations. Let’s be honest, when will it ever be finished? There is always something to do. So, self-care must be both intentional and a priority.

Here is the first tip to begin living your best life today. 

Make yourself a priority without feeling guilty.

This concept is difficult for many women who naturally think of everyone else before themselves. 

Let’s Expose the Lies that are Keeping You Stuck. 

Making Yourself a Priority is Not Selfish; it’s healthy. You cannot be the best version of yourself to anyone if you aren’t taking care of YOU first. 

Making Yourself a Priority Doesn’t Make You a Bad Mom. In fact, if you’re struggling with whether or not you’re a good mom, think of it this way: only good mothers worry about being bad moms. 

Making Yourself a Priority is Not an Inconvenience. You do everyone around you, including yourself, a disservice when you neglect your personal needs. Besides, you cannot pour from an empty cup. 

So, How Do We Make Ourselves a Priority Moving Forward? 

1. Schedule Time For Joy. – This means doing something that brings you joy without it being for a specific reason or gain. I call it the “No strings attached” joy. 

2. Schedule Time to Disconnect Daily and Pray– This means putting down your phone. This means stepping away from your family. Go into a close if you need to. It could be taking a walk alone. This could look like sitting in your car alone before picking up the kids. You decided. Find a place with the least amount of distractions and pray.

3. Schedule Time to Plan For Steps One and Two– It may sound crazy, but to live intentional lives, you have to create a plan of intentionality. 

One of the best ways to make yourself a priority first is by learning your needs, being honest about what that looks like, and being intentional about getting your needs met. This is why I put a self-care planning page in the Journey of Faith: Prayer and Dream Journal. If you haven’t already, you can get your journal HERE

The life you prayed for starts with being intentional today. Are you coming?

Was this helpful? Let me know below.

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