Prayer and Dream Journal

After losing my daughter, Journey, I struggled with believing in God. I’ve felt stuck in the “season of the unknown” and needed a glimmer of hope about where to go from here. Prayer and journaling helped walk me through the most challenging time in my life.

I created the Journey of Faith: Prayer and Dream Journal in memory of my baby in hopes of helping other women walk through their difficult seasons. Journaling and prayer helped me to navigate grief and discover an authentic, untainted relationship with Christ. No matter where you are, this prayer and dream journal will walk you through your current season: tackling your unbelief, reminding you of your dreams, and pulling you into a deeper, authentic relationship with the Father.

The Journal Includes:
-Prayer-Building Prompts & Scriptures.
-Dream-Building & Self-Care Tools.
-Free-Thought Pages.
It’s available now on

Click the link to purchase your journal today.


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