Comfort Zone No More

I had my first business trip this past weekend. I never imagined myself having my own business, but here I am. It has been an incredible ride thus far. This introvert has stepped out of her comfort zone and walked proudly into the season of living my best life. 

After losing my daughter, Journey, I never thought I could get here, enjoying life again while still hurting. It is ONLY God.  I promised myself that I would honor my baby girl by living out my wildest dreams and helping others do the same. 

Lesson: Unlearning Ideologies that Stifle You’re Growth. 

🔸 Stop Believing You Can’t Have The Life You Desire. You desire to live your best life.

🔸 Stop Believing You Have to Become Someone Else. You are more than enough being who God created you to be.  

🔸Stop Believing Your Idea/Dream Has To Be Perfect Before You Start; some things only experience can teach you.

🔸Stop Believing You Must Wait Until You Feel Ready; Ready is a choice.

🔸Stop Believing You Can’t Do Hard Things; It won’t be easy, but neither is staying in a season you’ve outgrown. 

As I learn to enjoy the journey more than the destination, I want to encourage you to do the same. 😉

With Hope,



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