Fertility Treatment: How can anyone afford them?

There are numerous solutions when it comes to helping families get pregnant. Often, the barrier is not the availability of treatment but the cost. It is rare to find an insurance company that covers fertility treatments. I recall feeling discouraged about my diagnosis, hopeful once I learned my treatment options, and then discouraged again at the cost. To make matters worse, my two insurances at the time would not cover a dime.

Healthcare is already crazy expensive. Refusing to cover fertility treatments only increases the stigma and hesitation behind seeking treatment. This is why raising awareness is essential, especially when it comes to politicians and lawmakers. We must change the narrative around seeking fertility treatment. The truth is there are too many of us who wouldn’t be parents right now without them. I am one of them.

What option do you have when you cannot afford treatment?
Luckily, there are a few.

Fertility Loan: There are financing programs specifically for covering fertility treatment. My husband and I utilize a fertility loan to help finance IVF. The positive is we were able to do it. The con was we ended up paying more for the treatment due to high-interest rate. Thankfully, we were able to payoff the loan early and save interest. If you use this method, I recommend having a quick payoff plan.

Here is a link: fertility loans

Insurance Coverage There are resources dedicated to finding insurance companies that will cover treatment. Here is tip: Most insurance companies will cover everything up to your diagnosis. So, if you know or suspect something is wrong, do not be afraid to call your doctor or contact a fertility specialist to get checked out. Remember, you will still have deductible cost.

Here is a link: Insurance coverage

Grants/ Scholarships: There are numerous programs that will assist with fertility treatment cost. Most of them require you to write about your story. I know couples who have gone this route for treatment as well as used to grants to fund adoption cost. So, it is definitely worth giving a try.

Here is a link: Grants

Savings: There is the old-school method of just saving up your money or if you are already a good steward of savings, you may have the money. I recommend opening a savings account that will build interest as you save. In addition, consider any yearly bonuses and tax returns to help.  

 I hope these resources will help your family and friends when it comes to the financial aspects of fertility treatments.

If you have anything to add, email me

ebby@ebbyslane.com Or leave a link in the comments.

If you have resources, please leave a link in the comments.


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