May Author Showcase

Here are the May authors! If you’d like to be featured in June’s Author Spotlight, submit your name, genre, brief description of your book, contact info, and a copy of your cover to In addition, I have a blogger’s showcase coming up.  Send a brief description of your blog to to be featured.

Jordan Flowers: Nonfiction, Memoir  

Jordan Flowers’s upcoming memoir, Third Times a Charm tells of the struggles, hardships, and triumphs of losing 100 pounds, gaining it back and losing it again three different times! Follow Jordan’s blog &

Ann Marie Wylder: Fiction

Corporate executive Sara Decker’s world is shattered by her husband’s affair with their daughter’s nanny. From Orange County, California to Whidbey Island, Washington, experience one woman’s path to freedom and happiness. After the Affair is an exciting novella that challenges the romanticism of both marriage and infidelity. Follow Wylder on Twitter

International Author Solomon Hall: Nonfiction, Self Help

“Introduction To Your Potential”

Author Solomon Hall proffers the elements for these positive changes, with his newest work, Introduction to Your Potential: Stage 1. Within this narrative, author Hall proposes the key nucleic ideals for employing distinctly enhanced changes to your psyche. The book’s chapters are artfully called “mind states” and each covers well drawn and illuminating elements like, Creating Positive Habits, Staying Focused, and Changing Your Mind.

Brief but succinct, this edifying self-help read, was thoroughly enjoyable. I found the author’s voice to be authoritative, congenial and motivating which made it easy to stay engaged within the book. His presentation of the central components of the book, not only motivates, but shows how to activate and perpetuate your latent potential making it so that readers no longer have to imagine the possibilities now you can make them a reality. I highly recommend this catalytic work it is a definitive must for everyone’s self-help library. Lisa Brown-Gilbert, Hollywood Book Reviews (free audio download)

J.B. Chisholm: Fiction, British Humor  

Forever stylish Vanessa E. Vasa was honing her observation skills when she bumped into Lanky Ella Lanesbury. Or rather Ella bumped into her, twice. When Ella reveals a conundrum, Vanessa is enlisted to help with the aid of her stoic lady’s assistant, Mildred Ypres. Follow Vasa and Ypres as they humorously navigate London’s Mayfair in their first, but hopefully not last, adventure. Follow at and Twitter @VasaAndYpres.

F.D. Stewart: Fiction, Sci-Fi/Fantasy

THE WIZARD’S ESTATE: LET THE GAMES BEGIN: A group of college friends will soon discover, that getting everything they’ve ever wanted means losing everything they ever loved. Now they are in a battle fighting to regain their identities after they realized that it’s not a game, it’s their life… Click link for more info about the book, Follow Stewart  on Twitter @FDS_NaturallyMe


Author Mr. Peyman Adl Dousti Hagh: Non Fiction

Writes books on “hot button topics that stimulate him to think deeply about this evolving world, and challenge conventional wisdom of society.” Follow Mr. Peyman


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