Women Authors Spotlight: Chimamanda Adichie



If you haven’t noticed by now, March is Women’s Month. Yay! #Girlpower I’m highlighting a few of my favorite female authors over the remaining weeks. This week, I will begin with Nigerian author, Chimamanda Adichie.

I first stumbled upon this incredible author (I may lose some writer credibility admitting this) in Beyonce’s song, “Flawless.” In the song, there is  an excerpt of Adichie’s speech, “Why Everyone Should be a Feminist.” The words moved me, so much so, that I looked her up. The first book I read was, “Half of a Yellow Sun,” a love story surrounding the short lived nation of Biafran. I watched the movie too. The next book, my current read, is “Americanah.” This woman has a way with words, and a unique way of storytelling that I absolutely love. Plus, I appreciate an author, who knows how to create realistically flawed characters. I heard there is a movie in the works for this one too, and I can’t wait! If you haven’t checked her out yet, I suggest beginning with “Americanah.”

Are you familiar with this amazing woman’s work? Any suggestions on my next read from her?

Living in the Moment,

Ebby ♥

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10 thoughts on “Women Authors Spotlight: Chimamanda Adichie

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  3. She is one of my favourite authors. I have read all of her books. Americanah is great. I also loved Half of Yellow Sun. Have you read, The Purple Hibiscus? Its a great read too. Her TED Talk, We should be Feminists is now a book too. Great post.

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  4. Oh my God she is amazing..
    I googled her after one of the panelists at my writing competition presentation said I reminded her of Chimamanda
    I don’t know if I had will ever get a bigger compliment…
    All I know is right now, I think we just found the first thing we have in common..
    “A love for Chimamanda Ngozi”
    Looking forward to the rest of March on Ebby’s lane 😂

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  5. She is indeed amazing Ebby. I see her as someone who is darn right bold, and creates her own ‘kind’ of storytelling- and it’s what sets her out and apart. I have only read a considerable bit of Half of a Yellow Sun, and one of her short stories “the thing around your neck”, and I must say her prowess and ease is infectious and inspiring.

    Btw, I didn’t know March is Women’s month. It’s at times like this, I am super duper proud to be March-born. Hahah. Welldone Ebby! ❤

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    • I couldn’t have said it better about her. While I enjoyed “Half of A yellow Sun” my favorite, by far is Americanah and I haven’t even finished it yet lol! I need to read her short stories next. Yes ma’am its definitely a special month, especially since it’s your birth month ; )

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