A Vision Board for 2016

Right now, you are probably still being bombarded with post on how the New Year is the impetus to a fresh start. You know, the whole trite New Year, New me motto. By the way, I’m guilty of using that in previous years. Yes, I know the turning of the number tends to invoke motivation and a sudden drive to accomplish those goals that you’ve postponed for years. Nevertheless, it can easily be a trap,

a repetitious cycle of short-lived ambitions that fade as the months float by and before you know it, it is December again.

Nope, I refuse to write another post about fleeting determinations. So, how do we change this detrimental, yet common habit? I have an idea. It may seem mediocre, but since we are visual creatures by nature. You know, the whole eyes being the entryway into our… you get it.  Either way, oftentimes, seeing is truly believing.

My sister- in-law showed me her vision board over the holidays. A hot pink cardboard poster tatted with magazine printouts of symbols and letters that kind of, sort of resemble the stalker letters in the movie, “The Body Guard” when I think about it. Nevertheless, I was immediately intrigued and inspired. I have much I desire to accomplish, or finish up for that matter in 2016. The main thing is publishing my third novel. I am beyond excited about that! There are plenty of others things too.

  1. Become a better writer
  2. Focus more on my blog
  3. Network
  4. Market
  5. Apply for the Master’s program
  6. Attend the DFW Writer’s Conference in April (BTW, IS ANYONE ELSE ATTENDING?)

Okay, so it ended up being another post about a fresh start to the New Year. However, a vision board mapping out our plans may be that extra push we need to ensure we reach the finish line this time.

So, what about you? Have you ever created a vision board? Do you plan to?


Living in the Moment,




14 thoughts on “A Vision Board for 2016

  1. Ebby, I love your vision board! I did one of these a few years ago, and also two years ago I cut out lots of words from magazines and put them into an A4 collage and framed them. This year I am doung a memory jar – each day I write something that makes me happy, fold it up and put it in the jar. So by the end of 2016 I can unravel and read them. Thanks for sharing your inspirational post. Best Wishes for 2016. Donna.

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    • Hello! I can’t take credit for the vision board. I found that one. I still need to make my own. This weekend actually. I just used that one as an example. Lol! I love your memory jar idea though! Do you mind if I steal that one from you?! Lol! Thank you for reading! : )

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  2. I wanted to create a vision board last year and now a new year is here and I still haven’t done it….sigh. I think my problem is buying (who wants to do that? lol) or finding discarded magazines to use. Everything is digital these days and I don’t purchase anything in print. This is something I really want to do so I need to find a way. I need all the motivation I can get to accomplish my goals and yes, you are right – we are visual, so I need something reminding me to stay the course this year….especially after the last few months of my life. Thanks for posting!

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    • Hey Rhonda! I was just about to leave message on your blog asking where you have been? I haven’t gone to get my supplies for my board either. I need to go soon before it is next year. Lol! Thanks for reading. I look forward to seeing more post from you. : )


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