Reblog: Identity Theft

As a Christian, it is easy to struggle with identity and being set apart. Here is a great piece about identity and not allowing anything outside of God to define you.


I remember those awkward years in Junior High. Not having a clue who I was or the way I was supposed to act. My hair wasn’t pretty or long enough, my clothes weren’t name brand and my nose was too big. I would never make a difference in the world. As you can probably tell my junior high years were the most grueling years of my life. Well my hair is still not long, my nose is still the same, but at least I do have some name brand clothes. Lol

The identity crisis continued through my early adult years. Even as an adult I still found myself searching. I would love to tell you that once I came to know Jesus as my Savior the mystery was solved. But that wouldn’t be the truth. It actually became more difficult. Why? Well because now I was a threat to the…

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