Relationship Series: Dear Husband

For the month of February, I am sprinkling a series of relationship/ dating blogs in honor of my five year wedding anniversary. I'm beginning with one I wrote a year or two ago and decided to update. Dear Husband, I wish a camera could briefly hone in on our real-life fairytale. Not for show, but … Continue reading Relationship Series: Dear Husband


HEllO! The Writer’s conference over the weekend went well. An agent requested my entire manuscript!!! I’m making some last minute tweeks before I submit. So, I’m extending the author spotlight deadline to this Sunday May 1 for those, who still want to be apart. Email your info at I look forward to hearing about you and your work. : )

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I’m creating a post that will showcase fellow authors. Send a brief description of your work including genre with a link to either your website or social media page to to be included in the post.  Don’t worry there’s no catch, just one author supporting another. : ) Deadline is Sunday April 24, 2016 to be included.





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