A Cup of Sugar and an Ounce of Sage

Debut novel was written when I was 17 years old

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chapter one

“Ten Years of Seasoning”


I scoot my chair close to the desk. I open my brand new notebook to the first page. The smell of new paper escapes into the air. I grab my favorite pen, the one with the rubber grip around it and the fine tip. I position my pen at the top of the page and write in large bubble letters, My Name is Sage.

Beneath those words, in smaller font, I write, an autobiography. I skip a few lines and…


I’m short, chunky, have a round face and slanted eyes. I don’t resemble the Gerber baby or the girls in magazines with light brown skin, long “good hair” and that tall, slender frame. You know, the ones America describes as beautiful. Well, I’ve never been skinny a day in my life. Nope, always been the big girl with the clothes a size too small, who kids took pleasure in teasing in school.

Those days were rough; almost as rough as the time that Daddy left me for good or the time I found out about Mama’s addiction. Maybe it was the time I lost my best friend. Whatever the situation or circumstance, it was always rough. Sometimes it got too rough. If only I had wings like the great eagle that soars through the endless blue sky, then maybe, I could fly away to a place known as hope.

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