• A Letter From My Husband

    This letter popped up in my Facebook feed about a week ago. Sometimes, those Facebook memories can be triggers, and sometimes, they can be sweet memories. This one, in particular, was bittersweet. We had no idea at the time that we would only have three more weeks with our sweet girl before our lives were… Read more

  • The Waiting Season: Are You Doing it Wrong?

      I used to dread hearing the phrases: be patient or wait on God. It seemed like I was always in a perpetual state of waiting for something. As a child, I waited for my parents to get back together. They never did. As an adult, I spent most of my twenties impatiently waiting on… Read more

  • My 2022 Year In Review: Wins & Lessons

    This year started rough. I wrote about having a “redo” of January because I wasn’t allowing it to define the rest of my year. The last two years were spent in pure survival mode. 2020 was the pandemic, and 2019 was when I lost my baby girl. This year was my coming out-of-darkness year, and… Read more

  • Prayer and Dream Journal

    After losing my daughter, Journey, I struggled with believing in God. I’ve felt stuck in the “season of the unknown” and needed a glimmer of hope about where to go from here. Prayer and journaling helped walk me through the most challenging time in my life. I created the Journey of Faith: Prayer and Dream… Read more

  • I Still Can’t Attend Baby Showers

    October is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month. This week, follow me on IG @ebby_writer for daily stories, fertility tips, and more! My sister-in-law posted a message on Facebook not to invite her to baby showers because it’s too painful right now. I immediately felt seen because I’ve felt the same way since losing my… Read more