• Checking In

    Hello! I thought I would check in. I haven’t forgotten nor have I given up on the “7 Week Journey to Loving ME, Daily” Due to unforeseen circumstances, it was delayed. However, it will be completed in due season. : ) With that said, I have a post tonight that is very personal and I’m eager… Read more

  • KISS & TELL: Longing For the Love of a Boy

    Longing For the Love of a boy: My Love Story By Guest Blogger, Jordan Flowers As a young girl, teenager and early 20 year old woman, I prayed to God to send me a boy that would love me… all I wanted was to be loved by a boy!!! Six years ago, I became a… Read more

  • ReBlog: The Ugly Truth

    Originally posted on The Way I See It: Image via Being Mary Jane Facebook page Being Mary Jane is a series that airs on BET about a popular news anchor, portrayed by Gabrielle Union, as she juggles her day to day life behind the scenes.  Mary Jane Paul is strong, successful and beautiful but has… Read more

  • Journey To Loving Me, Daily: WEEK THREE: REBUILD

    WEEK THREE: REBUILD “When you can stand in the mirror, look deep into your own reflection and realize that the physical doesn’t define, the mental doesn’t define; nothing on earth can define. It is when you look beyond yourself, into your Creator that you will arrive at the realization….” – Sage Devin Tucker, character from… Read more

  • Journey to Loving Me, Daily: WEEK TWO

    WEEK TWO: DE-CLUTTER… LITERALLY I don’t know about you, but I am one of those people that have a difficult time letting go of old things. I have this fear of needing it later. A close friend of mine reminded me that when we let go of old things we are merely making room for… Read more

  • Journey to Loving ME, Daily: WEEK ONE

    WEEK ONE: What’s your one thing? I know, I promised a series of dating posts after the successful post, Dating: The Issue, The Message, The Solution. Thank you all who took the time to read it and contribute to it!  However, I’d like to push the topic of dating aside and focus on something that… Read more