• My Faith Walk: How To Begin Living {Your Best Life} TODAY!

    How to Begin Living Your Best Life TODAY! There is a practice, a mindset that you can implement right now to activate your best life. The Wait is over! You don’t have to wait until something happens to enjoy your life. That’s the goal, right? Isn’t that the reason you clicked on this blog post?… Read more

  • Are you Making “You” a Priority?

    Women’s Month: Are you making “YOU” a priority?  March is Women’s History Month! We are celebrating how amazing we are. We are focused on self-care and intentionally creating the life we don’t need a vacation from. Can I be transparent? The last two weeks were a struggle for me, both mentally and physically. I literally… Read more

  • 10 Ways to Know He’s the One!

    Alright, this is part II of the blog post, DATING: The Message, The Issue, The Solution! Read it HERE Originally Post in 2015, Updated 2023  Dating isn’t easy and with holidays like Valentine’s Day can trigger unwanted feelings and reminders of your dating status. Whether you are single or struggling to end a relationship that… Read more

  • What’s Happening In February!

    February is a busy month in a great way! First, it’s Black History Month! It’s the month to celebrate love! The New  “Its The Journey”  Journal Launched! It’s just in time to celebrate Black History. You can check it out here! The Wait is Over Live Series starts this month! Join me every Thursday via… Read more

  • A Letter From My Husband

    This letter popped up in my Facebook feed about a week ago. Sometimes, those Facebook memories can be triggers, and sometimes, they can be sweet memories. This one, in particular, was bittersweet. We had no idea at the time that we would only have three more weeks with our sweet girl before our lives were… Read more