Flashback: Reflecting on “Neglect Not Today”

I randomly highlight past posts. I wrote , “Neglect Not Today” years ago, but it still resonates with me today. You can read it HERE.

The crazy thing is when I wrote it, my dream was to get married someday, have a baby, and get my degree. Little did I know, I would get married the following year, have a baby a few years later, and obtain my degree.

It made me think about how often we try to rush God to show up in our lives and are unaware that what we seek is right around the corner.

I’m proud of myself for realizing back then that there is beauty in Right Now. I have to remind myself today because I have new dreams that feel just as huge as my dreams then. I’m eagerly anticipating them to come to fruition, just like back then.

You can choose to find joy in the NOW. After all, you prayed for the season you are currently living. And, the season you are waiting for will happen just the same. 

With hope, 



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