It’s MARCH: New Name, New Site


I didn’t accomplish all I set out to do in February, but that’s okay. This month, I won’t put as much pressure on myself… NOT!

1st thing, I’ve changed my name.

I’m tired of pen names and I just need simple right now and simple means changing my surname from Lane to LeBlanc. I know, I know, such a huge deviation. : P (FYI: the site will remain,

2nd thing, if you haven’t noticed, I’m making some major changes to Ebby’s Lane.

I’m an author, and that was my original reason for starting a blog. So, my main focus will be providing writing tips, networking and supporting fellow authors. I’ve enjoyed writing inspirational and random post and am so thankful for all those who have read and enjoyed them. Don’t worry, I’ll still be writing these types of post every now and then and hopefully, continue guest blogging on other sites. 

Since I’m nearing the end of editing my third fiction novel and preparing to pitch it to agent/publisher in April; also, have a short guide I’m releasing soon titled, “Finish that Manuscript you started,” The main focus these next few months will be on books and writing guide/tips, with randoms here and there.

In addition, I’m hoping to add a blogger spotlight/recognition post as well. We shall see how much I can accomplish along with holding a fulltime job, being a wife and mommy to a rambunctious little one. By the way, how does someone so small have such endless energy?!

I digress, March is Women’s Month, expect post on women authors of diverse culture.

A special thanks to all of you who take the time to stop by, read and comment on my post. It truly means so much!

I hope you will stick with me as I journey to brand myself as a fiction author. If you are an author or aspiring author, let us all know in the comments below and we can walk this exciting journey together.

Living in the Moment,

Ebby ♥ 

P.S. Please excuse the messiness, the site is still in transition.



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4 responses to “It’s MARCH: New Name, New Site”

  1. This rocks!!

    I totally love the new blog look. Your Home Page is so cool, I could ‘sit’ there in trance all day…

    And as you set ‘pon this new journey, I wish you the best kind of luck!! Living sometimes takes so much from ‘living’, but ‘m sure you can do this– despite your numerous other commitments.

    About babies and their infectious energy… gah, big things come in little packages, no? Lol!

    Thank you for posting, and sharing your thoughts, ideas and musings with us too. Your blog is a blessing, it is! Keep doing what you do ma’am.

    With the warmest kind of cheer and love, I say a Happy March to you too. <3

    • Thank you! Thank you much for your encouragement words! I appreciate it more than you know! It’s been difficult to keep up with blogging lately, but I knew I had to revamp the site it, especially with the book I’ve just written. Thanks so much for sticking by me through the transition! Oh my goodness, do big things come in small packages lol!

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